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Do you want to join us on this sustainable journey?

What are the pet hair collected used for?

We hope to crowdsource the discarded pet hair and upcycle it into an ethical and zero-waste material to promote sustainability and replace the use of non-biodegradable products in the pet industry today. We are currently at the R&D stage thus any pet hair collected will be sent to research centers for further studies. Any potential profits made in the future will be partially donated to animal welfare.

We are worry about hygiene issue of the unwashed or vacuumed pet hair... Can we only donate the washed ones?

es of course! Our objective is to save as much discarded pet fur as possible so we are happy to take any furs you managed to collect.

Would love to join, but do we need to PAY to donate?

No absolutely not! We are immensely grateful for all the saved furs we received from donors.

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