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About Us

It started off with balls of fluff hanging around the corners of every household that owns a pet...


The Furry Project is established with the mission to enhance Hong Kong's Circular Economy and create positive environmental and social impacts by reducing municipal waste being sent to landfill every day and changing individuals behaviours through educating and fostering higher ESG awareness within communities.


The Project is the FIRST in Asia to crowdsource discarded pet hair from a network of donors such as pet owners/groomers/breeders and upcycle it into innovative, zero waste, 100% biodegradable, and commercial-able materials for consumers to embrace sustainable practices. The Furry Project is currently collaborating with Hong Kong R&D houses such as HKRITA and NAMI on such innovations.

Our beloved best friends shall act as a social cohesion vehicle that empowers people to gather around a shared goal of environmental sustainability – i.e. save valuable resources while reducing waste, regardless of their socioeconomic status or background.

The project aims to set up production in HK to increase industrial activities while providing job opportunities to low-income families.

It is currently supported by Hong Kong Scient and Technology Parks (HKSTP) and HK Tech 300 and is seeking additional support for R&D and business scale-up.

Our Impacts

Our project can bring 4 key positive impacts to our environment and societies.


Circular Economy

Pet fibre is 100% ethical, biodegradable and end of life recovery which makes zero-waste achievable. The upcycled product improves circularity while reduces pollution and thus improve the overall impact of climate change.


Reduce Intensive Farming System

Less demand on other fibres reduce reliance on land use. water use and therefore improves ecosystem quality, save habitats and protect biodiversity.


Reduce Chemical Usage

Reducing chemicals usage and CO2 emissions throughout production of synthetic fibre shorten life cycle in production and waste management.

Improve Social
& Animal Welfare

Structurally changing social behaviour of stakeholders. We will indirectly improve human health, bring alternative purpose for pets and save animals from being killed.

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